The Pillars of Mullahcracy: Contempt for Iran

The Islamic Republic was created by those who hate everything and anything Iranian. The regime is not only based on theocracy which has its own issues as far as abuse of civil rights and equality, but also on a philosophy that is anti-Iranian. The struggle of Iranian people is two-fold — one for freedom and democracy and another for their national identity. As a result of the recent popular uprisings for a secular democracy, the Supreme Leader and designated God’s Representative on Earth, Ayatollah Khamenei, fears that subjects taught at Iranian schools are not as Islamic as they should be and additional radicalization of educational materials is imperative.

According to Khamenei, any subject that is not Islamic such as Humanities should be replaced. His fears are valid since philosophy, ancient history, and political science enlighten students. Enlightenment leads to rejection of prejudice, ignorance, and indoctrination which are all part of the Islamic Republic’s long-term social and political agenda. But Khamenei’s promotion of Iran’s Islamization is not a new goal for the regime.

The regime in Tehran has been methodically harming Iranian history and archaeology in order to destroy nationalism. Numerous reports show organizations dedicated to national preservation suffer from regime’s willful sabotage and lack of funds. Ancient pre-Islamic sites such as the Parthian Kuheh Khajeh, Achaemenid remains at Bushehr, Sasanian Barm-e-Dalak, the tomb of Cyrus the Great, Susa, Persepolis, and countless others are facing reckless negligence and blatant destruction caused by deliberate construction projects and inadequate security. Recently, it was reported that the unfinished building for the Ferdowsi Foundation in Isfahan was demolished by the regime for no apparent reason. Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh or The Book of Kings written in almost pure Persian language is a renowned national masterpiece for all people of Iranian stock. Besides its historical significance, the epic represents the essence of the Iranian language and Ferdowsi’s efforts in reviving a language threatened by the invading Arab forces. Yet during the past 30 years, the Islamic Republic has worked diligently at diluting the Iranian language with Arabic. Statistics indicate approximately 35% of Arabic words are now used in everyday speech.

The Islamic Republic has vigorously falsified and distorted Iranian literature and history including subtle strategic changes such as replacing Iranian proper names and words with Arabic. Islamization is impossible without Arabization. Since common language and national history define a people, Iranians are experiencing cultural and social genocide. For example, contrary to previous regime, most of the characters in textbooks now have Arabic names such as Amin and Akram. Ten of the 16 characters in a first grade language textbook have Arabic names as opposed to three with Iranian names.

A 2007 independent study on Iranian textbooks provide numerous direct quotes showing how students are indoctrinated in Shia Islam as the only legitimate definition of Islam and the regime’s fascist political and social views. The following excerpts are clear examples of the clerics’ efforts to alter Iranian heritage and culture to suit their warped agenda. An introductory page for 9th grade literature textbook states, “Islam agrees with expertise and science, but only the science and expertise that serve Islam.” A 5th grade sociology textbook teaches, “If there is a command of God in the Quran, or something is mentioned through the prophet or imams or the leader of the Islamic society, all of the people must obey without questioning” and that the highest form of sacrifice is martyrdom. An introductory page for 10th grade language textbook quotes Supreme Leader Khamenei, “The best way for the material and spiritual worlds is insisting on the ideals of Khomeini up to the point of giving our lives for them.” High school religious teachings refer to the annual Moslem pilgrimage to Mecca as “a plan of struggle to cut enemies’ hands from Islamic hands.”

The 10th grade Religious Studies textbook states, “…in the Islamic state, the establishment and pillars of government must be on the basis of Islam and the Leader must be a devout Muslim that God has chosen for the post. The post is called imamate.” Islamic studies for high school grades declare that Iran must be military and one of its duties is to confront infidels and “global arrogant forces.” The 11th grade world history textbook claims that Hitler considered traitors and Jews responsible for Germany’s defeat. According to the 11th grade history textbook, giving women the right to vote is “a clear act of hostility to Islam.”

In order to erase a people’s sense of identity and national pride, their history must be distorted. For example, the Islamic Republic textbooks claim the founder of the previous regime (Reza Shah Pahlavi) was an illiterate dictator established by the U.K. to oppress Iranians and destroy the Islamic theological seminary. Examples of distortions by the mullahs abound, a 4th grade language and literature book connects Arash Kamanghir, a famous secular, national hero from the Shahnameh, to religious sentiment.

Iranians are fighting for more than personal freedom, equality, and political expression. They are fighting for Iran and their national identity. The Islamic Republic fears nothing more than Iran’s pre-Islamic way of life and its tendency to gravitate towards liberty and the right to choose as best observed by the Achaemenid history. The regime’s downfall will be its contempt for Iran.

Sheda Vasseghi

Sheda Vasseghi has a Masters in Ancient History with emphasis on ancient Persia. She handles public relations for and is a member of the Azadegan Foundation. Ms. Vasseghi is a regular contributor to political magazines such as

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