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Islamic Republic’s masters of disaster are no match for the Iranian people with Internet access

Posted by Sheda svasseghi 9:17 Am August 11, 2011

The Islamic Republic’s two-prong strategy of chaos to remain in power involves destruction of Iranian heritage and culture while using Iranian people’s national funds to support projects in troubled countries beset by corrupt regimes or extreme poverty. Of course, buying followers and believers from among the most miserable parts of the world is not the invention of a bunch of backwards clergy sitting in Qom, but rather an old and effective method of spreading an ideology.


The Islamic Republic's thugs on patrol against civil disobedience.

The Islamic Republic's thugs on patrol against civil disobedience.

Since its inception in 1979, the Islamic Republic has systematically attacked Iranian culture, history and heritage, while emotionally and physically abusing the people. This involves erasure of factual history, religious and superstitious indoctrination, using thugs to raid private homes and arrest people on whims, planting moles in various Western lobby groups to downplay the anti-civilization aspects of an Islamic regime, and donating funds to Western universities to spread a false notion of cultural tolerance between societies that have empowered their people versus Islamic societies that survive by choking the masses.

As a reminder to the professors of appeasement and liberality, human civil rights are not based on culture; they are universal and not subject to time or venue. As the American hero of the 1906 Iranian Constitutional Revolution Howard Baskerville (1885-1909) said in response to the U.S. government’s request to stay out of the conflict, “[t]he only difference between me and these people is my place of birth, and this is not a big difference.”

Since the ideology of Islam does not recognize any boundaries or any other language/history than Arabic, then it is very easy to follow this basis to destroy a people’s national identity. That is the first step in being able to control the masses. The Islamic Republic holds promotion and exportation of Islam above all else. Therefore, it is fair game to steal the Iranian people’s money for that purpose. In that endeavor, its agents will do whatever it takes to stay in power.

This is why the regime in Tehran upon usurping power first assaulted Iranian women (half of the population) before spreading its reign of terror to incorporate non-Islamist men (an overwhelming majority of Iranian men especially those under the age of 30) and minorities in general. Dividing and terrorizing a society is the fastest way to establish control.

According to surveys conducted by the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, Fund for Peace, and World Health Organization (cited in Wikipedia’s “International Rankings of Iran”), under an Islamic government following Koranic rules on how to operate a country in modern era, Iran now ranks as second in drug usage, first in suicide rate, first in brain drain, first in child execution, one of the lowest holders of human civil rights record, fourth in having least valued currency unit, and 38th in the “failed state” index out of 177.

By keeping the Iranian people under severe duress, poor and stripped of historical significance, the Islamists can better use the country’s resources for their own benefit. Additionally, to stay in power, the regime has to pay its dues to foreign forces, and maintain a group of low-life allies such as Hugo Chavez to exert some pressure as needed. By signing treasonous contracts practically giving away the nation’s abundant natural resources to others, the Islamic Republic buys time from the Free World who benefit from such lopsided deals for a short time as nothing free comes without conditions. And placing sanctions on the Islamic Republic only means the regime is forced to pay black market prices for goods and services which further bleed the Iranian people; no sweat off the regime’s back!

By spending Iran’s wealth on building infrastructures and Islamic cultural centers in Tajikistan, building homes in Venezuela, sending aid to Somalia, providing oil to India on extended and unlimited credit, and the like, the Islamic Republic influences nations under corrupt regimes, poverty and vulnerability to find followers and supporters.

By providing military and financial aid to criminal and illegitimate dictators such as Bashar Assad in Syria as well as terrorist groups such as Hizbullah and Hamas, the Islamic Republic insures its unlimited supply of mercenaries ready to pounce on the Iranian people at popular uprisings as witnessed since June 2009.

While the regime is causing mayhem galore, another Islamist group in exile, the Mujahedin (MKO or PMOI), is paying tens of thousands of dollars to top U.S. and European officials to support them as a so-called alternative opposition to the mullahs in Tehran. It is difficult to comprehend the European logic behind this besides some leftover colonialism myopia, but the American officials are about to memorialize the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. Do they wish to put the American public through more of these horrific Islamic terrorist acts on U.S. soil? Supporting Islamist groups such as the MKO will keep the American public safety right down that road requiring continued overseas military engagement.

The global public understands the need for governments that work for and are beholden to the people. It is time for the government officials of the Free World to get it too. Since world order is never static, it is important to select options that bring the least damaging shift to global peace and progress of humanity while recognizing national interests. Such an option with respect to Iran and the Middle East does not exist from among the Islamic Republic regime, its various factions such as the Green Movement, or Islamists in exile such as MKO (PMOI).

Only secular nationalists will work for the betterment of a country and advancement of global relations. With the information Age, the nature of the general public has also changed. It can better and more easily set up offenses and defenses against criminal regimes set on sacrificing the people for ideologies and personal gains. Hence, the Islamic Republic and its billionaire clergymen are hanging on their last lifeline.

It is time that the U.S. policymakers put aside outdated strategies and stand with the Iranian people in their endeavor to obtain freedom from an unwanted occupying force by providing them with full and complete access to social networking tools such as the internet so they can better organize and mobilize. Supporting democracy among a people, who are historically pro-modernization and share values similar to the West, also guarantees better long-term investment returns for the American public.

Sheda Vasseghi is on the Board of Azadegan Foundation, and is a regular contributor to and on Iran’s affairs. Join The Official Site of Sheda Vasseghi on Facebook.

This Article published in the Free Pressers this is a courtesy copy to the original article.








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