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Would a free Iran be Islamic? Look to her artists!

Sheda Vasseghi May 17, 2011, 9:03 AM

The battle for retention of Iran’s national identity, now in its 32nd year, has been clearly witnessed by the global YouTube audience since the brutal 2009 crackdowns of its civilians demanding a free, secular and democratic country.

The arrest, torture and murder of brave Iranian nationalists standing up to this ethnic cleansing are not new. Unfortunately to this endless list has now been added two famous, humanist and nationalist Iranian poets, Mr. Mostafa Badkoobei and Ms. Hila Sedighi, who were recently arrested by government agents. Their crime: Daring to recite their artistic expressions in defending Iranian nationality and against the regime’s enforcement of a foreign theocracy!

Defense of Iranian nationality against forced Arabization at the hands of the clerics in Tehran and their mercenaries-for-hire is not a sign of the Iranian people’s xenophobia as claimed by agenda-driven political bloggers.

It is important to repeatedly note that the world’s first decree of tolerance dating back to 6th century BCE was ordered by the father of the Iranian nation, Cyrus the Great. He did not come up with the idea on his own. He is the byproduct of a society and its core values. Since then Iran has been the home to a multitude of ethnicities and philosophies, not just Iranian and Zoroastrianism.

Artists are a reflection of a society. They provide intellectual electricity. They are the cavalry of literature and culture. They have courage and they speak of present, past and future. They represent a society’s inner fears, insecurities, social issues, political problems, joy, pride, glory, and aspirations.

Mr. Badkoobei and Ms. Sedighi base their art on current, gross and continued human rights violations in Iran, boundless injustices based on the regime’s medieval regression, and defense against unwanted Arabization.

Artists speak on behalf of the silent majority, because as artists they can do no other. They were chosen for this path. They are to speak for those who cannot or will not. Their art will linger on the human subconscious long after they are gone, because it is art not ideology or philosophy that is humanity’s path to oneness and immortality.

Iranians have been battling ethnic genocide within their own borders since the invasion of Islam in 7th century.

Unlike other invaders such as the Macedonians or Mongolians, Islam recognizes only the Koran and the Arabic language. Further, this philosophy rejects pre-Islamic history. Nothing existed or will exist outside of this boundary. That is why everything along its path has falsely been labeled “Islamic” even if it is secular and of non-Arab origin. This is the reason Islamists (those who truly adhere to its raw teachings) do not assimilate in communities where Islamic laws do not prevail.

The regime in Iran cannot create a militant Islamic nation without the use of an Arab Constitution and an Arab flag. With this destructive strategy, the regime has ferociously endeavored to wipe out the nation’s flag, history, language, and memories.

If Iranians dare to show their pre-Islamic, nationalist desires, then the regime must silence them at all costs.

Prior to the 1979 bloody Islamic coup in Iran aided by domestic communists and foreign oil-mongrels, artists did not really bother with religion. But now that the nation has faced decades of theocratic inhumanity, Iranians have and will continue to have many Mr. Badkoobeis, who will write and recite creations fighting Arabization in the name of Islam.

Call it what you may. If the right to self-defense is offensive or insulting, then so be it! Iran will have many more Ms. Sedighis, who will speak out against child executions and social abuses. This is not prejudicial against Arabs as a people despite what some bloggers are claiming as they cannot see their own humanity without warped ideologies.

Islam as any other idea is subject to scrutiny and Free Will. But in its teachings, conversion is a death sentence. Until the people in the Iran are free to truly voice what philosophy they believe in and how they wish to live without the fear of being stoned to death, the statistics indicating Islam is a dominant philosophy in Iran should be considered invalid.

It is doubtful, after having truly experienced raw political Islam in the last 32 years, that majority of Iranians would still consider themselves Muslims. When a free and secular Iran emerges very soon, the world will see how quickly Iran will shed this incompatible and incomprehensible foreign philosophy. Iran will finally be free as it never stopped producing Badkoobeis and Sedighis. Iran and its children will not kneel to Islamism or any other ideology!

Sheda Vasseghi is a member of the Board of Azadegan Foundation and She is a regular contributor on Iran’s affairs.

This Article published in the Free Press this is a courtesy copy to the original article.








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