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Standing for the Iranian people is not 'meddling' but the reason for America's status in the world

Thursday, June 25, 2009
By Sheda Vasseghi


A screen grab from a June 21, 2009 video showing Iranian men trying to help a wounded woman named Neda after getting shot in the chest during a protest in Tehran on June 20, 2009.      AFP/YouTube
The election fraud in Iran is not the main reason the people have risen up nor is it because they prefer one candidate of the Islamic Republic over another. The so-called election of 2009 was the final straw for the people who can no longer tolerate a regime that has been hated for so long because of its fascist, inhumane, and violent nature.

For thirty years, various Iranian opposition groups both domestic and abroad have tried to convince the international communities that majority of Iranians are against the theocratic regime in Tehran. But not until the brave, sudden rise by the people of Iran in the past few days has our message been so effectively transmitted.

Thanks to progressive editors and devoted political bloggers my recent writings on Iran and its affairs have been circulated online.

Today I received an e-mail from a reader named "Mike," who wrote because of what the recent movements in Iran have come to represent to him, a non-Iranian:

"I went from thinking it was a country full of religious fanatics to one of suppressed freedom-loving people who want the yoke of tyranny off their necks. To me when people spontaneously rise up against the state at great personal risk, there [are] deep and long-brewing reasons why they do."

To the "Mikes" of the international world, thank you! Thank you for finding the true meaning behind the uprising in Iran.

The majority of Iranians are for freedom, democracy, advancement, and education which collectively give a nation a better standard of living. The majority of Iranians do not favor a pro-7th century mentality from the Dark Ages. The majority of Iranians have witnessed and suffered from the downfall of their country in the past 30 years. Millions of Iranians have fled the country and most of them have sought refuge in the U.S.

To the "Mikes" of the international world, we are grateful that you are out there because it is citizens such as yourself, who elect government officials with the responsibility to form foreign policies for your country.

Iranians and non-Iranians, who are for appeasement of the fascist and terrorist regime in Tehran, are either naïve or simply in favor of the survival of that regime by whatever means including the crushing and suffocation of the Iranian people. One of the key excuses these pro-appeasement intellectuals are using is categorizing a strong support for the people of Iran by the U.S. government as "meddling." What is important to note is that the election fraud was the last straw in today's uprisings.

America stands for liberty and justice for all. As the leader of the free world, America has a duty to stand by a people, who have risen to claim their spiritual, political, and social rights. Ancient Iranians were Zoroastrians and that religion instructs its followers to search and choose the "best truth." Liberty and justice cannot be achieved without the best truth.

Regarding Iran, supporting the best truth means condemning the regime in Tehran and standing by the people of Iran. This is NOT meddling but rather the reason for America's existence and international status.








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