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What's 'creative' about Obama's policy of defying the people's revolution in Iran?

Thursday, April 15, 2010 INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

By Sheda Vasseghi

The audacity of mainstream media and leftist blogs in misrepresenting facts and abusing the art of rhetoric to advance their political agenda at all costs is as dangerous as on occasion, outrageous. Case in point is Joel Rubin’s article “Thinking Creatively about Iran Policy”.

According to Rubin, President Obama’s dual policy of engagement and sanctions was the very badly needed “creative action” on Iran. Rubin credits Obama with speaking directly to the Iranian people, sending letters of engagement to the mullahs in Tehran, and pursuing a wiser international solution to Iran’s pending nuclear aspirations. Rubin’s rhetoric having no boundaries attributes the recent national Iranian uprising to this “creative action.” Rubin is concerned with the recent stagnation in the Administration’s policy on Iran as limitations brought on by Washington.

According to history, however, Obama’s position on Iran during his presidential candidacy included: (1) pursuing direct talks with the Islamist regime in Tehran; (2) providing incentive packages to deter the Islamists in Tehran from pursuing nuclear capabilities; and (3) reversing the designation of the regime’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization.

On June 2, 2009, President Obama authorized American embassies to invite members of the Islamic Republic regime to July 4th celebrations. On June 12, 2009, the Islamofascist regime in Tehran held one of its bogus “elections” whereby the world witnessed a military coup against the majority of Iranian voters.

Within days there was a massive national uprising by the Iranian people not only against the phony elections of a tyrannical, theocratic regime, but the Islamic Republic itself. The massive civilian demonstrations continued for months. They clearly showed the majority of Iranians did not want the Islamic Republic regime or its policy of funding Islamofascist terrorists across the globe.

Videos of the Revolutionary Guards beating, arresting, and killing civilians were broadcast on television and the internet.

On June 20, 2009, the Iranian national revolution had its first martyr at the hands of the regime’s agents — Ms. Neda Aghasoltan. By June 24, 2009, the bravery of the Iranian people forced the Obama Administration to rescind its invitation to the Islamic Republic representatives to attend the American national holiday parties for freedom and liberty.

Rubin is correct to warn against the Islamic Republic’s increase in power and aggression, but he leaves out the fact that the creation of the Islamic Republic was supported by the Carter Administration thirty years ago. It too believed the Free World could work with a government based on Sharia laws. Contrary to Rubin’s claim, the Iranian people did not rise because Obama’s policy regarding the mullahs in Tehran was innovative and refreshing. Should world opinion infer they were inspired that the new U.S. Administration chose to invite the “Axis of Evil” to its Fourth of July BBQ parties?

Rubin's piece reminds one of a caveat attributed to Darius the Great (550-486 BC) during a debate about democracy, oligarchy, and monarchy: [there are malpractices which lead] “to close friendships, which are formed among those engaged in them, who must hold well together to carry on their villainies.”

The Iranian people rose and sacrificed themselves to show the world that the regime in Tehran is “evil,” and the new U.S. Administration should not engage them in any shape or form. The leaders of the Islamic Republic believe in the “hidden Imam” and his appearance when the world is in chaos.

Therefore, the regime in Tehran wants to speed up the “holy” process which requires access to nuclear weapons. A government that beats, rapes, and kills its own people will have no concerns over the international community.

The only reason there is “stagnation” in Obama’s plans for Iran is because of the “surprise” national uprising and the Iranian people’s clear message that they do not support the regime. Thanks to their creative, dynamic, and self-sacrificing act, Obama’s plans for engaging the Islamofascists in Tehran was put on hold — for now.

The Revolutionary Guard in Iran is clearly operating and controlling all aspects of that nation. It is closely associated with Islamic militant groups in other regions and provides them with funds and weapons. Contrary to Rubin’s suggestion, there can be no meaningful engagement with Iranian people while they are under the chokehold of the Revolutionary Guards. Further, there can be no change from within the Islamic Republic given its Constitution is based on prejudice and terror.

Contrary to mainstream media’s naive agenda, history is the key to making better policies.

The only solution is to give up the Administration’s plans to make deals with the Islamic Republic or any of its affiliates, and support the national uprising so that the people of Iran can choose an alternative, patriotic, and secular leadership. Only then will the U.S. and international community have a real chance at long-term security and mutual alliances in the Middle East.

Sheda Vasseghi is on the Board of Azadegan Foundation and a member of She is a regular contributor to on Iran's affairs.

This Article published in the World Tribune this is a courtesy copy to the original article.








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