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Letters written by Azadegan


Following is  letter written by an Azadegan Iran Member to the Attention of Sean Hannity of FoxNews. This letter addressed to Sean Hannity's guest Mr. Bob Beck who in an interview with Mr. Hannity commented Wiping Iran off of the Map.

Fox News

Dear Mr. Sean Hannity:

In your Hannity's America program on Sunday night September the 28th at about 10 minutes after 9 PM, Mr. Bob Beck said “if he meets with AhmadiNejad he will tell him that he would wipe Iran off the map of the world if AhmadiNejad wants to wipe Israel off the map.”

As an Iranian American, As a Retired Iranian Army Col, as the Intelligence Liaison Officer between Imperial Iranian and United State Armed Forces before Iranian Revolution, as a person who believes that Islamic Republic Regime of Iran is the source of most troubles and terrorism in the Middle East and the world, I strongly believe that it is the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran that must be wiped off the map not Iran thus in the strongest words I protest Mr. Beck's comments and demand an apology to the Iranian people.

For Mr. Beck’s knowledge I shall say that Iranian people are one of the best friends that Americans have’ they do not deserve to be wiped off the map nor any body on the right mind shall demand to wipe a NATION OF 7000 YEAR OF CAULTURE AND HISTORY, A NATION WHOES “SIROUS THE GREAT” FREED THE JEWS, A NATION WHO IS THE MOTHER OF FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY IN THE WORLD be wiped off the map.

For Mr. Beck’s knowledge I shall say it is the Islamic regime of Iran who is the enemy of not only America, the West, the Middle East and the whole civilized world but specially the biggest enemy of The Great Iranian People.

And oh by the way this destructive regime hijacked Iran and came to power during the presidency of Mr. Carter a Democrat president and if Mr. Obama is to be elected the history will be repeated and this regime and as the results the terrorism will become stronger by ten folds.

If Mr. Obama or anybody else for that matter, thinks that he/she will be able to successfully negotiate with a regime whose very existence and goal is based on destruction and terrorism, I assure you that he/she is wrong because the only outcome of such a so called negotiation will be legitimizing that destructive regime, disarming the opponents of that terrorist regime including 95% of the Iranian people who are opposed to that regime, and will strengthen the terrorism by ten folds. Should this wishful thinking be put in practiced the world will be in deep chaos, the free and civilized world will greatly regret, and the civilized population of the world would have to pay a great price for this unacceptable mistake?

Should there be any questions in this regard I will be glad to answer.

Respectfully Yours
Col (Ret) Mahmoud Sabouri Yazdi


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