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Iranians in revolt: Time for support from abroad, and unity

Monday, December 28, 2009

By Sheda Vasseghi

The Islamic Republic created and managed by clerics has gone out of control not only in destroying Iran's industries and grossly wasting away its national wealth, but in terrorizing its citizens and treating them as unruly beasts.

The majority of Iranians have for the past six months been rising up whenever and wherever against the mullahcracy they do not want. It is very clear that their issue is not Ahmadinejad or the so-called elections, but rather the oppression imposed by a theocracy that has destroyed a once prosperous nation.

Despite government thugs threatening, beating, raping, and murdering men, women, and children, hundreds of thousands of Iranians across the nation continue to put their lives on the line by pouring into the streets united against the cleric rulers with warped ideologies. Iranians know their nation, culture, and people have been under attack for thirty years and their demise has become critical.

Revolutions are to result in government efficiency. The mini, popular Iranian revolts have been successful since June making the people stronger each time and more immunized to greater violence by the regime. Iran is ripe for an unparalleled movement towards democracy the world has yet to witness live! As the author of The Anatomy of Revolution, Crane Brinton would agree that within the Islamic Republic bitter class struggles, alliance of the intellectuals with the people, inefficient governmental machinery, and distrust among the ruling class are in place bringing "the fever of revolution" to Iran. The revolution Iranians began struggling for over a century ago — a "quest for social justice" and modernization.

Now leadership is the key to their selfless and brave acts forming a human tsunami in achieving their political and social wishes — democracy and freedom. The clerics are afraid and fighting among themselves. They are increasing their threatening and dangerous behavior against neighbors and world powers hoping someone will bite so they could repeat the Iran-Iraq war strategy of the 1980's which cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iranians and facilitated the foundation of the backwards mullahcracy.

Iranians are not going to fall for the regime's trap again. But without proper leadership and organization, the people will continue to suffer and pay a dear price for their revolt. Their sacrifices may be fruitless as the regime is vigorously pursuing nuclear power. A successful leadership requires proper funding, dedicated nationalists with democratic know-how, international recognition, and strong ties with internal opposition forces.

It is not necessary for leadership to determine the style of the new government or scope of changes at this time. Rather, the leadership should be a healthy, pro-Iranian transition group capable of taking the reigns from the incompetent clerics so that Iranians have a chance to secure their nation, stop potential civil disruptions, and impose law and order while reorganizing the Constitution and political makeup without duress and further bloodshed. The transitional leadership has to neutralize the armed forces, counteract separationists, defuse agitated foreign relations, and protect national interests.

The transitional leadership may be a collage consisting of different opposition group members with diverse backgrounds sharing one mutual goal — freeing Iran from the clerics and stabilizing the nation to once again fit in with the international community. Iranian people inside the country have risen as body shields against their enemy for the freedom of their country. The world population has shown its unity with the Iranian people. Many leaders of the free world have taken a stand for the people. It is now the duty of Iranians abroad with financial power and political freedom to unite, put aside unproductive debates, and provide the funds needed to form a transitional leadership from experienced opposition groups.

The time has come for the Iranian majority in exile to put aside their silence and play an active role in Iran's future. The U.S. policymakers will have no choice but to recognize the need to support the people as the political and social force on the scene, not the clerics and their thugs in Tehran. The legacy of this generation is in the making and can be forever intertwined with Iran's liberty. Ancient Iranians believed no particular savior redeems the world, but rather all righteous men and women (Saoshyants), who work together in bringing truth, justice, and order to the world.

Sheda Vasseghi is a member of the Board of Azadegan Foundation. She is a regular contributor on Iran's affairs.

This article also published in the World Tribune, December 22, 2009








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