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AUGUST 04, 2005

Q:        Dr. Assad Homayoun, a professor in an American university, expert in our country=s politics, and former diplomat, has accepted our invitation for a discussion and is on air right now.  Mr. Assad Homayoun, good morning.

AH:      Good morning Mr. Ghaem-Maghami and hello to our fellow countrymen, who listen to your program.

Q:        Mr. Homayoun, the latest news at the end of this month tell us everyone is awaiting September 3, the next meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency.  From another point of view, it is said that in such situations, the position of the United States of America in its relations with the Islamic Republic is still uncertain.  They believe that still in its relations with the Islamic Republic and coming face to face with this regime, the United States of America is hesitant and wavering.  Are these assessments correct?

AH:      I do no think that America’s policy towards Iran has changed.  America=s policy towards Islamic Republic is clear.  There are still some discussions on the form in which this policy will be implemented and when, because it is related to Iraq.  For now, America is wrapped up in Iraq and must see the Iraqi constitution to completion and then the Iraqi elections must take place in January 1, 2006, in order for it to release some of its forces in Iraq.  But while the Islamic Republic is continuing with its terrorism activities, [America] will continue with its nuclear proliferation issues.  [Islamic Republic] is aggressively pursuing nuclear capabilities.  As far as I know and through my discussions with [the Americans], nobody in the American government doubts this B that is, the Islamic Republic wants to become atomic; Islamic Republic wants America to leave the region; and Islamic Republic will continue with terrorist; and it will not change.  The devil is the devil B in no way, can its thoughts or actions be changed.  And the Iraq situation must be connected to this matter.  Several days ago, Dr. Kissinger, a farsighted American statesman, wrote an article in the Washington Post, and this article was very thorough and the gist of the article was that if America does not succeed in Iraq, fundamentalism will spread across other Arab nations, and Islamism will also play an important role in European countries, and the balance of power around the world will be disrupted.  After that, Mr. Rumsfeld spoke about Iran=s meddling in Iraq and its military assistance to the terrorists in Iraq.  After that Mr. Bush himself spoke on August 11 about this matter.  Mr. Cheney spoke.  All three of them and, in general, the American administration believes that the Islamic Republic with respect to meddling in Afghanistan, meddling in Iraq, and terrorism issues will not change its thoughts B an example is the new President, who said Aterrorism and martyrdom is the highest form of art that exists and Islam must spread across the world.@  Therefore, America will not change its mind.  But it is different B we have to wait and see when it will act.  In the interim, Europeans are continuing with diplomacy, they are taking a firmer stand and say that until Islamic Republic honors the agreements that it reached with the three main European countries and does not stop its uranium enrichment activities in Isfahan and other places, they will not continue with negotiations.  We must see what happens.  But what is certain is that currently the Islamic Republic is continuing with its atomic activities.  With respect to atomic activities, in America, there are different views that in my discussions and contacts with those, who are involved and knowledgeable in these matters, the majority believe that Iran has a proud history, with attention to ancient records, Iran was liberal, and everyone knows about Cyrus the Great=s Bill of Rights B they even make reference to it in their discussions.  They say Iran has a young population, Iran has a great potential for movement and progress because it has all the necessary resources, but in Iran there are two different school-of-thoughts.  One way of Iranian thinking is for a secular and free regime and democratic, and Americans say if such a government forms, they think there may not be an issue for it to have atomic capabilities.  But nuclear power in the hands of the mullahs, who are fanatic and bear no responsibility for the problems in Iran, they are spreading terrorism across the world, and they are at war with Iranian nationalism, and they want to push America out of the region.  Therefore, under no circumstances, should nuclear capabilities B and everyone is aware that the Islamic Republic is pursuing it, even if it claims otherwise B fall in the hands of such a regime especially people of Iran are aware of this matter B only a small group of the Revolutionary Guards is actually involved with carrying out the criminal orders of this regime B the rest of the Guards read the news, follow the current affairs, they love Iran, the army as well B they must think that America in no way will allow the Islamic Republic to obtain nuclear capabilities, and even if it does, if it makes such a mistake, it will cause the disintegration of Iran.  America has and is such a power.  They must understand that it will either be a national secular, free Iran or a disintegrated Iran because of some corrupted mullahs.  I do not see any changes in the way America thinks, but politics B when they may act, when they may implement their policy B I do not know.  The most important thing, Mr. Ghaem-Maghami, is the people of Iran.  Islamic Republic may not be afraid of America, but its enemy is the people of Iran.  Nothing else may be more frightening to this regime than the Iranian women and men B the people have risen and they do not accept this regime B and [the people of Iran] have a problem which we have talked about in the past B we were supposed to discuss it again B that is, the people of Iran must unite and think about an organized movement.  They must bring a leadership to the picture and America will speak with the opposition of the Islamic Republic B and maybe it=s necessary [for Iranians] to form a government in exile B and with the will of the Iranian people and the international support, the Islamic Republic will not have a place in Iran.

Q:        Dr. Assad Homayoun, we want to discuss the matters in connection with a new Iranian leadership as soon as possible.  We want your thoughts on this matter.  At this time, please allow us to focus on the Islamic Republic=s activities with respect to nuclear energy.  Today, in front of the Embassies of France and England, there were demonstrations -- are there really disagreements between the EU and Islamic Republic, or are these disagreements weak?

AH:      There is a deal between the EU and the Islamic Republic.  There are economic benefits at stake.  The European countries want to continue their relations with Iran and at the same time, they are afraid that the Islamic Republic has nuclear power and this will be provided to the terrorist cells such as Hezbollah, Hamas, etc.  The Europeans are worried and all of Europeans and all of the West and America have interest in the Middle East.  These interests include oil, security of the Middle East, balance of power in the Middle East.  If America fails there, if Islamic Republic successfully obtains nuclear power, the consequences will be much worst for Europe than America.  Therefore, differences of opinion exist but not very deep.  What is obvious is that some of the liberals here and in Europe and other places oppose the American administration.  They will make certain attempts B for example, an article in the Washington Post today B I=m sure you=ve seen it....

Q:        Yes, it states that the Islamic Republic is not guilty and the atomic traces on the centrifuges B one of the issues brought on by the Americans B came from Pakistan and in reality, America does not have any evidence against the Islamic Republic. 

AH:      First, we need to see who wrote this article.  Where was it printed, on what page, and what were its resources.  It appears in large print on the front page of the Washington Post by Ms. Dafna Linzer, it=s either a she or a he, I=m not sure.  But the author is unknown.  The Washington Post is a liberal paper and opposes Bush.  It strongly opposes Mr. John Bolton, and the U.N., in my opinion, has helped this article.  This was written carefully and in one paragraph, I noted its political attack on Mr. John Bolton B this brings about a question B why would Pakistan give Iran the contaminated centrifuges?  First of all, it states some scientists collaborated and reviewed the evidence and noticed that Iran is not enriching uranium, and this came from Pakistan with the materials that they delivered to Iran.  This is not correct.  It is not from the government B it is not clear who helped these scientists and the issue is not just that; it=s plutonium.  The issue is what the Islamic Republic got from the Central Asians, and then Europe and Russia and later North Korea. I mean nuclear warheads. It was around last November, if I=m not mistaken, when Mr. Colin Powell, the former U.S. Secretary of State, said that Iran is involved in new activities  in connection with new missiles, and this is very alarming and dangerous.  But then he didn’t bring it up again, because if they had continued with the topic, the American Congress would have wanted Bush to act immediately and since it is wrapped up in Iraq, he may not have seen it feasible.  And the most important issue is terrorism, civil rights, and freedom for the Iranian people.  Iranians have risen against the regime and know that this regime will not change its ways and wants to rule Iran.  It has destroyed Iran=s national pride, it does not accept Iran=s might, and if it can, it wants to ban ancient Iranian celebrations such as Noruz, Mehregan and in their place put Islamic holidays such as Eideh Ghorban, Ghadir, and Fetr on the calendars.  It wants to destroy all Iranian national sites and antiquities.  It wants to put Imam-zadehs in their places.  But the regime is unaware that the people of Iran have risen and get united and will liberate Iran.  Iranians today play an important role in history and must and will once and for all put an end to the mullahcracy. The Clerics are are unaware of Persian nationalism and logic of Persian history.  As the famous Persian poet Hafez of Shiraz said, “Iran is a land in which the faith of the universe has gone with the wind.”  I am confident that Iranians will do away with this regime.  America, as the President has repeatedly said, will stand with us, but it=s up to us to create leadership, and then you will witness how 70 million people will depose these mullahs swiftly.

Q:        Mr. Homayoun, today a Canadian newspaper in a thorough article wrote about the revolt of the people of Kurdistan.  It writes that U.S. press is not properly covering and reporting regime’s crime again in Iranian Kurdistan.  Why have the journalists in America ignored it or not reported it as much as they should have?

AH:      One reason is perhaps we don=t have a proper voice and organization to report them and bring their efforts to the attention of the international community.  Second, America is wrapped up in Iraq and other places, but just one newspaper has correctly reported that Kurdistan is ____.  The Kurds love Iran and played an important role in the creation of ancient Iran, but the clerical regime adopted a policy of harsh repression against those brave people who stood up against the despotic clerics for freedom.  The same is true for Khuzestan and every where else.  We must be able to show and reflect the crimes that this regime is committing in Kurdistan and indeed against all Iranians.  Unfortunately, this needs an organization, it needs financial backing.  The Islamic Republic is using and robbing the Iranian oil funds B tens of millions of dollars are being spent abroad on its public relations and terrorism activities, but Iranians lack financial recourses, organization, and Leadership.  Iranians who would like to liberate Iran must think about this B they must realize that this regime will put Iran in a dangerous position B facing America B it is very dreadful.  We do not like this; it may happen and if it does, Iran may be divided and disintegrated.  Therefore, Iranians -- especially the 5 million who are living in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere and who are educated and very wealthy -- must move.  This must be done.  The Palestinians did it and well, they are reaching something B they are very active abroad.  Five million Iranians abroad are very powerful and this is pitiful that most of the are indifferent

Q:        Dr. Assad Homayoun, my last question during our last four minutes B please give us your opinion about the situation of America and Iraq?

AH:      American has about 150,000 soldiers in Iraq.  In U.S., there are those who want America to retreat.  I don=t believe it will do so even within the next four to five years.  The issue is not Iraq, the issue is Middle East, and the balance of power there, and China=s interest in entering that region.  America will try to push this Constitution and bring it to vote, and even at this point, the draft Constitution has made the American administration happy, and the State Department is cautiously happy, Mr. Zal Khalilzad is busy there.  They still have three days B one day passed B they have two more days.  If America is successful there, it is very very important.  Of course, there are some problems; for example, women=s rights, Islam=s role and federalism, but America must succeed.  Just as Mr. Kissinger said, if America fails in Iraq, the global balance of power will be disrupted.  And he meant that Europe also needs to be aware and understand.  One of the entities that feeds the problems in Iraq is the Islamic Republic.  Therefore, it is not just atomic power, it is terrorism, meddling in Iraq, meddling in Afghanistan, and the disruption in the region.

Q:        A Kuwaiti newspaper has accused the Revolutionary Guard of its involvements with the use of missiles in Jordan.  Is this accusation correct?

AH:      I don=t know.  But I do not accuse all of the guards.  I do not accuse all the employees of the Ministry of Intelligence.  There is a group of the Revolutionary Guards who work with corrupt mullahs such as Ayatollah Misbah Yazdi, and the new President is his protege and other hard-line clerics want to disrupt and destabilize the region. The Revolutionary Guards have a huge budget and meddle every where in the Middle East.  America knows this, but sometimes condones it.  Also America moves slow, and It must find the right time.  This reminds me of a Japanese commander Yamamuto during WWII, who said of America to his Japanese fellows, “I know this giant wakes up late, but it must not be awaken, because once awaken, we will have a big problem.@  And we know what happened then.  Yes, the guards, in my opinion, meddle in all areas, in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Not all the guards B just the small group that does the dirty work for a bunch of corrupt mullahs.

Q:        Mr. Assad Homayoun, I am grateful for your participation in these discussions.  I hope very soon we will talk about the leadership issue.

AH:      Thank you for your kindness.  God be with you








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