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Special Report The Northern Tier Powers of Iran and Turkey, and the Rapid Rise of Political Islam, Expose a Lack of Western Understanding and Strategies
افزايش قدرت های مرز شمالی يعنی ترکيه، جمهوری اسلامی ايران، گسترش پرشتاب اسلام سياسی، عدم درک سياستمداران غربی را نمايان می سازد.

Special Report

.....Stability, in fact, does not mean anything in the Middle East. Democracy in the region similarly either does not exist or is artificial and ephemeral. Where-ever the Muslim umma is, there are the polity of Islam and the abode of Islam. In the Islamic theory of international relations, dar-al-Islam is not defined by permanent territorial frontiers. Islam means submission without question.

Islam does not believe in equality between men and women. In Islam there is no right, but only duty for the people. The idea of democracy is alien to the mindset of Islam, which does not provide for the division of power or popular sovereignty. The goal of political Islam — Islamism —is to impose Islamic law or sharia on the whole world. That is why many Muslim (non-Islamist) thinkers believe that reform is necessary for Islam to exist alongside democracy, or popular government, in the same way that Christianity reformed to co-exist with secular government.

To read in full English please click here==>> read more.. This article published in the "Defense & Foreign Affairs"" Volume XXVIII, No. 69 - Sunday, October 31, 2010 because that website is by Register only, the link cannot made available here.

This article also published in the World Tribune click on the link below:
Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Missing in the rise of Islam in Turkey and Iran: A U.S. strategy

This article also published in the click on the link below:
Tuesday, November 3, 2010
Missing in the rise of Islam in Turkey and Iran: A U.S. strategy

برای خواندن متن پارسی اينجا راکليک کنيد.

نشريه دفاع و امور خارجی يک نشريه مهم و پر خواننده ار ميان سياستمداران، افسران ارشد و نخبگان آمريکا است. اين نوشتار در شماره 69 رو يکشنبه 31 اکتبر چاپ شده است. اين نشريه فقط برای اعضا است








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