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Extracting the mullahcracy: Iran exile group wants neither U.S. funds nor military action  


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Extracting the mullahcracy: Iran exile group wants neither U.S. funds nor military action An advertisement in the Wednesday, July 19 Washington Times will be the coming out party for an Iranian foundation with designs on fixing what's broke in Iran.

The prescription? Secular democracy. Underline that word secular. Significantly, the ad also says what it DOES NOT EXPECT FROM THE U.S.:

"No need for covert action"

"No need for U.S. funding or direct U.S. military action:

What is needed, it says, "from the international community is its enthusiastic, open and direct support of the Iranian people to establish democracy."

The headline: "War in the Middle East will continue to escalate . . ." The ad places Iran's clerics at the core of the terror conglomerate that has taken the headlines from Al Qaida in recent days. And it also blames them for the misery of the Iranian people who generally are among the most pro-U.S. in the Middle East.

The ad is sponsored by the Azadegan Foundation which is preparing a blueprint for returning power to the Iranian people. Claiming that "Iran's Opposition Is Now United", the ad lists common objectives:

An end to clerical rule, and the introduction of representative government for all of Iran;

The preservation and strengthening of Iran's sovereignty and historical borders;

Peaceful and cooperative Iranian participation within the global trading and social systems.

The ad charges that war is the key to the mullahs' ability to maintain their power (a la the 1982 Iran-Iraq War), but offers "options." There is, the ad continues, "a viable, experienced team of leaders capable of re-shaping Iran."

The Azadegan Foundation is headed by Assad Homayoun who serves on's Editorial Advisory Board and has been frequently cited by WorldTribune articles on Iran.

Of particular note is a special report written by Dr. Homayoun entitled "Time for a change in Iran: Here's how it should happen" which was published on April 29, 2003.

Stay tuned . . .

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