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Bio of Dr. Assad Homayoun

Dr. Assad Homayoun is a former Iranian diplomat presently residing in the United States. He has served in South Asia and the United States. Dr. Homayoun was in charge of political affairs of the Iranian Embassy in Washington, D.C. for twelve years. His last position prior to the Iranian Revolution was Minister.

Dr. Homayoun completed his graduate studies at George Washington University, where he earned a Ph.D. in international relations. He has written numerous articles on International Relations and Middle-Eastern affairs in Defense and Foreign Affairs, Strategic Policy, Global Affairs, Global Alert, The Washington Times, The Washington Post, and New York Times and World Tribune.

Dr. Homayoun has participated in many high level diplomatic negotiations in the United States, Europe and the Middle East during his diplomatic service, and liaised with United States Government institutions, Congress and the Whitehouse. He has presented speeches at many conferences and gatherings in the United States, Europe and the Far East.

Following the Iranian Revolution, Dr. Homayoun was a professorial lecturer at George Washington University for six years, and a consultant to the BDM Corporations for three years.

Bore the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, with sponsorship of the International Security Council, Dr. Homayoun coordinated and published a statement in The Washington Times signed by one hundred retired United States Generals and Admirals assessing the geopolitical situation in the Persian Gulf. In that statement, the United States Government was alerted to the over-militarization of Saddam Hussein and the danger of the continuation of the clergy regime in Iran.

Dr. Homayoun possesses knowledge, experience and extensive contacts both domestically and internationally concerning Iranian affairs. For the past fifteen years, he has provided advice and counsel to many Iranian opposition groups in exile. He was behind the Azadegan organization of the late General Dr. Bahram Aryana, who mounted a campaign to topple the clergy rule in Iran, but died in exile.

Since 1995, Dr. Homayoun has increased his political activities by sending political, social and cultural messages to the masses of Iran. He is the President of the Azadegan Foundation, which is a movement for the freedom and liberation of the Iranian people. He was the Editor of Focus on Iran. From September 1994 to March 1998 he published a monthly paper, Focus On Iran, in English which twice U.S. congressional records acknowledged its importance as the most balanced publication on Iran. Dr. Homayoun is also a Senior Fellow of the International Strategic Studies Association and on advisory board of and

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