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The Mojahedin Deception Campaign:

A trap for U.S. Foreign Policy & Security Interests

"Prevarication is the order of the day, yet we embrace truth what may."
- Jalal Od-Din Mowlavi

While it can not be disputed for a moment, the fact that the despotic regime in Tehran is the great abuser of human rights, promoter of terrorism and must be replaced, here we would like to present some important facts about the Peoples' Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI). The Peoples' Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI) is currently waging an intensive campaign of deception to win the support of the Free World and especially the United States. Should the United States fall for the deception, it could prove eventually to be catastrophic to U.S. foreign policy and security interests. The interests include the campaign against worldwide terrorism, political and military stability in the Middle East, the maintenance of international opprobrium and sanctions against the current repressive regimes of Iraq and Iran, and most important of all, the moral stature and credibility of the United States.


The Mojahedin's (PMOI) tactics to "win the hearts and minds of Americans are neither original nor subtile. Put in realistic terms, the PMOI tactic is 'my enemy is your enemy, therefore, we are friends, you must support us against our common enemy'. As intriguing and ingratiating as this appeal appears on the surface, underneath the surface lies the hidden agenda of the July 1995 PMOI, known only to its top leadership, headed by Masoud Rajavi who not surprisingly, and conveniently resides in Iraq. Much more will be said about the Rajavis and the PMOI later in this article. It should be noted, that there is historical precedence for this tactic. During the mid-thirties, the Stalinist regime in the Soviet Union launched the Popular Front for all "democratic, peace loving peoples" to oppose Adolph Hitler; the communists' hidden agenda of destroying democracy was kept secret. During the post-war Cold War, the United States allied and associated itself with some of the most undemocratic and nefarious regimes in its confrontation with the threat of Communist expansion, the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China. Then as now, the democracies especially the United States after the Cold War, and their populations were not only fooled, but even betrayed by their erstwhile newly found friends and allies. Unfortunately there is substantial evidence that many Americans in and out of government are now following the same "garden path".

It has taken, perhaps too long, for the U.S. governmental leaders, academics, and the media to recognize the chameleon like character of the PMOI, its distortion of its own history and its use of the big lie. Fortunately, it is not too late to disclose to the American people and their leaders the truth about the PMOI. The U.S. Department of States in conjunction with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has produced the Report on the People's Mojahedin, November 1994. (This report is in accordance with the requirement of Section 523 of the FY 1994-95 Foreign Relations Authorization Act). Thanks to the tireless efforts of Senator John McCain of Arizona, this report, bringing to light the true nature of the PMOI and its campaign of deception, is made available for all to see. In his forwarding letter to his congressional colleagues, Senator McCain expressed his thoughts in a rather understated matter: "It provides just the sort of background on the PMOI necessary for members to make an informed decision about their relationship with the lobbyists.

My principle concern, and the concern that led to the State Department report, has been that the PMOI is permitted to freely lobby Congress without a clear understanding of its history and current activities. I believe the State Department report contributes significantly to this understanding."

Among the audience to which Senator McCain's letter hopefully will reach should be journalists (e.g. Roland Evans and Robert Novak), elected congressional Representatives like Robert Torricelli, and former House Foreign Affairs Chairman, Lee Hamilton, and other spokespersons who have public ear. These supporters and perhaps apologists for the PMOI may have been beguiled by the seeming democratic nature and the anti-Khomeini attitude espoused by the PMOI- two fundamental principles incorporated into the psyche of the American public. Moreover, for these supporters, the PMOI appears to be the best, if not the logical alternative. In reality, the logical, and indeed the best alternative is a democratic, pro-peace government freely chosen and elected by the people of Iran.

What the supporters and would-be supporters of the PMOI must endeavor to comprehend and take seriously, is the "hidden agenda" of the PMOI. It is not to replace the repressive clerical regime that now rules in Tehran with a pro-American, pro-Western democratically elected government of the Mojahedin- this is what the PMOI would have the Americans and other like-minded advocates of democracy to believe. If the thirty five year history of the PMOI and its pronouncements in print and electronic media are to be accepted as credible empirical evidence of the true nature of the PMOI (and in this case there is no other rational alternative to use), then it is highly likely that their behavior, once in power, would not differ from their past behavior and declarations. In essence, this means that the PMOI in power would likely be a Marxist-Maoist radical Islamic repressive regime much similar to the former Maoist regime in Albania, and the present-day government of North Korea These regimes are hardly models of a viable "alternative" to the present rulers
in Tehran. The "hidden agenda" of the PMOI thus can be to establish this type of undemocratic regime without liberties and freedoms for the Iranian people.


The most important historical reality of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) are: 1) that it is terrorist in its operational means and tactics; 2) that it is Maoist in its Marxist ideology and political theory; 3) that it is virulently anti-American/anti-Imperialist/anti-Zionist; 4) that it holds to a radical, non-orthodox interpretation of the tenets of Islam; and 5) that it is governed by a cultish, secretive, self-perpetuating oligarchy headed by Masoud Rajavi and his wife Maryam. In addition to the above characteristics of the PMOI an important fact can not be omitted from the historical record, and that is its attachment to Saddam Hussein's regime in Baghdad since 1986. The significance of this mutual collaboration and exploitation is clearly evident: extreme antiIranian actions bearing on treason, in addition to extreme antiAmericanism. In both these instances the PMOI's affiliation with Iraq is evidenced by its participation against Iranian forces in the Iran-Iraq war and in the Desert Storm, and finally in Saddam's post Desert Storm anti-Kurdish campaign. As noted earlier in this paper, Rajavi and PMOI leadership are currently stationed in Iraq receiving financial assistance from Saddam Hussein. There is no question that the PMOI is a vessel of Saddam Hussein. The PMOI serves the wishes of the Baghdad government without hesitation or conditions. If required they exterminate their own countrymen.

The pre-revolutionary terroristic actions of the PMOI were anti-American and anti-Western, and included the following: A. Assassination

1. May 1972- U.S. air Force Brigadier General Ilarold Price, chief of the Air Force Section of U.S. Military Advisory Group in Iran.

2. June 1973- U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Lewis Hawkins, U.S. military mission.

3. May 1975- Colonel Paul Schaeffer and Lieutenant Colonel Jack Turner, U.S. Air Force officers in the mission.

4. August 1976- 3 civilian employees of Rockwell International advising the Iranian military. B. Bombing and Kidnapping

1. In December of 1970 carried out an abortive attempt to kidnap U.S. Ambassador Douglas MacArthur.

2. President Richard M. Nixon's trip was marred by a series of bombings, including one explosion at the Tomb of the Shah's father shortly before the President and his hosts were scheduled to arrive.

3. The offices of El A1 Airlines, Shell Petroleum, British Petroleum, British Overseas Airways, a Jewish emigration office in Tehran, and numerous other U.S. facilities and properties were bombed and victimized.
antipathy to the PMOI stems from their treasonous pro-Iraqi activities, especially during the costly Iran-Iraq war, and its support of the regime at the outset of the revolution. Perhaps another factor mitigating against the PMOI is their obvious Mao-Marxist ideology which could not hide the facet of pretending to represent "true Islam".
During the period 1979-1981, the period of the Khomeini takeover, the PMOI furnished support to the revolutionists holding the Americans hostage in their embassy. They furnished personnel and poured out vitriolic anti-American rhetoric in their official newspaperThe Mojahed. Very shortly therefore, it was obvious to Khomeini and his leadership circle, that the PMOI were not "true believers", i.e. orthodox Shia, but rather, true Mao Marxists dedicated to ideologies abhorrent to true Islam-consequently they were eliminated from participating in the Revolution. At this point, the chameleon character of the PMOI emerged; they turned against Khomeini, instituted a reign of terror against government officials and civilians, and economic targets. The leader Rajavi fled to Paris and subsequently in 1986 to Iraq where he still resides with his leadership entourage and approximately 10,000 "freedom fighters". As noted previously, the PMOI in Iraq is serving the foreign policy and military needs of Saddam Hussein.

Since 1992, the PMOI has found it necessary to lower its anti- American posture in order to tap the financial resources of the "American market" and to gain political, if not military support for a hoped-for return to Iran. It is at this juncture when the campaign of deceiving the "American market" manifests itself. Its methodology is one utilized by totalitarian regimes through the ages, especially the National Socialists of Germany and the Communists throughout the world. Simply put, it denies its past to conform to the politically correct language of its target population/government leadership. Secondly,-it belittles, insults, humiliates and vilifies its opponents in extreme language. Whenever possible, the PMOI will resort to physically eliminating its adversaries as evidenced in Western Europe and even the United States. It is in this phase of the PMOI activities that it has gained some supporters in the Congress and the mass media, and some in the academic community.

It is instructive to note that the PMO1 has not gained adherents inside Iran. Given the repressive nature of the clerical regime, there is sufficient indication that the mass of the Iranian population are not inclined to trade a known repressive regime with an unknown repressive regime- "better the devil we know, than the devil we don't know". The reason for this


First and paramount in the character and nature of the Mojahedin is that it is a cult more than a political party of participating membership. The PMOI's maximum leader is Masoud Rajavi and his co-ruler and wife Maryam. These two people are venerated, extolled, praised, and above all never questioned, nor ever challenged. The historical record does not show any plebiscite or participatory democratic means of selecting or electing its leadership. One is immediately reminded of the recently departed Kim-il Sung of North Korea, and to a large extent the personality cults surrounding Stalin and Hitler, hardly exemplary role models. There are so many similarities with Communist leaders, it is almost impossible not to suspect their true nature. Again, one can expect that a PMOI governed Iran would follow the lines (examples) of North Korea, Stalinist Soviet Union or Maoist Albania. This is not a "viable option" as some have unwittingly suggested. The cultish nature of the PMOI is best exemplified by the fact that Masoud Rajavi appointed his wife as the "Future President" of Iran, as quoted from PMOI's official organ The Mojahed. Subsequent issues of The Mojahed, praised the marriage union (Maryam was married to another member of the PMOI) and praised her elevation to the presidency as fulfilling God's cosmic design.

The ultimate horror :scenario of4cultish political organization in power can be seen in the Nazi and Stalinist regimes. Could we expect a holocaust-like situation similar to Pol Pot's Cambodia, in a PMOI governed Iran- far greater than the blood-bath following Khomeini's accession to power? The answer is unreservedly yes! The PMOI have repeatedly informed the world that they would deal with "the Khomeiniites, the Imperialists, Zionists, and other antidemocratic elements". This is a prescription for mass murder and annihilation. Past experiences should tell us when a fanatic tells us his future intentions, we should take him seriously. The lesson of Mein Kampf should suffice for all time and all similar occasions.


Though the MOJAHEDIN have not as yet issued a political testament or "little Red Book" their statements and rhetoric leave no doubt as to its Maoist leanings. The anti-imperialist, anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-bourgeois, anti-Zonist, anti-religious (except for a vague reference to "revolutionary Islam") is mindful of vintage Marxism under the halcyon days of Stalin and Mao-tse Tung. The PMOI talk about absolute nationalization of all industry, transportation and communication. The PMOI makes it clear without ambiguity, it intends to do away with the last "vestiges" of capitalism, even to the extent of collectivizing agriculture. Can one imagine the "shameful harvest" of Stalin's collectivization and the Cultural Revolution introduced to Iran? Perhaps here, the model of the horrors of the Khmer Rouge are relevant; indeed some of the more extremist members of Mojahedin call themselves by that infamous name with pride.

More threatening to the peace of the region and overall world peace is the thought that PMOI Iran at some future date could have acquired nuclear weapons. This eventuality would certainly bring to reality a "doomsday" scenario. This consideration may well be the "hidden agenda" which the would-be supporters and actual supporters of the PMOI have failed to take into account as they contemplate a "viable alternative".


The American public and its leadership and communication networks, news media, and others must know everything about the Mojahedin. They must contact the Government Printing Office, The State Department, the U.S. Congress, and Senator McCain's office to obtain as much information as possible about the past and current activities of the Mojahedin. The American public and the leadership in and out of govemment must put an end to the deception of the Mojahedin by telling the truth about them. They must stop the flow of funds and demand the U.S. government examine the PMOI's tax-exempt status and other illegal acts which they have committed under the prosecutory felony of misrepresentation and deceiving the public. Focus on Iran will do its part in divulging the lies of the Mojahedin, and in support of democracy, freedom, and liberty for the Iranian people under a duly elected, representative national leadership. This is the only "viable alternative" for the nation and people of Iran! And this is the only way to replace the despotic regime of the clerics with a truly democratic one.

There is no better way to understand the PMOI than by its own words. Fortunately it publishes a news journal which is filled with its opinion of world events, its vision for Iran and reports of its deeds. In what follows we shall see that the Mojahedin took responsibility for the assassination of several Americans in Iran, aggressively supported the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Teheran in 1979, bitterly opposed the release of the American hostages from the Embassy, and engaged in an anti-Western campaign of terror.


"The Mojahcd", official organ of the PMOI, proudly declares in its issue of October, 1980 that:

"Ever since its foundation in 1965, the thrust of the battle against the U.S. advisors fell to the Mojahedin, who targeted and claimed the lives of a number for the first time, while it was the PMOI bombs planted in imperialist and Zionist institutions and destroying them which first caused the imperialists and their domestic mercenaries to be alarmed."
In May of 1981, "The Mojahcd" again sought to bring the PMOI's anti-western service to the attention of the ayatollahs in an Open Letter to Khomeini:

"In the dark era of the Shah, the Mojahedin had taken up arms and never missed an opportunity to gun down the imperialist American advisors."

Murder was not the only anti-western act that the Mojahedin took claim for before fleeing Iran in 1981. Their behavior during the American hostage crisis merits recounting as well. In his February 1992 letter to Lee Hamilton, Massoud Rajavi denied the State Department's charge that the Mojahedin publicly supported the Embassy takeover. He says, " Indeed not only were the Mojahedin not supportive of the taking of American hostages, they were the primary victims of the incident."

When Pope John Paul sent an emissary to meet with Khomeini in hope of finding a solution to the hostage taking, "The Mojahcd" of March 16, 1980 argued:

'The Pope dispatches a representative to settle the issue; yet the would-be mediator arrived to meet the decisive confrontation which Imam Khomeini presented, a confrontation with the representative of the imperialist Pope which speaks for itself in its clarity of position."








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