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The Supreme Land created by Ahura-Mazda is called Iran-Veg
بهترين سرزمينی که اهورا مزدا آفريد ايران زمين نام دارد
اوستا - يسنا
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First Declaration of Human Rights
By Cyrus the Great 539 B.C.


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انتخاب و گردشگری نمائيد

بخش های اشاره شده در بالا مطالب مهمی برای خواندن دارد، روی هر بخش کليک کنيد تا زير بخش ها باز شوند

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About Logo


The Azadegan's symbol, seen at right, is a modernistic version of the ancient Persian symbol "Faravahar", which can still be seen on many ancient as well as modern buildings and structures, particularly in Persepolis. Faravahar is the essence and spirit of goodness, found in every person and thing. It has been expounded upon in the Zoroastrian religious classic, the Avesta. It is also the name of the first month of the Persian year. It symbolizes the good, and is the custodian of goodness, and the guardian of "Iran Zamin": "Our Land". It also symbolizes a clear-visioned being, who is the culmination of man's quest to reach the zenith of humanity.


 Damavand mountain     دماوند   
Courtesy of: Faces of Nature





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